The Holtur Enigma begins…

The Holtur Enigma begins…

Today is an incredibly exciting day, it is the day The Holtur Enigma begins. For those who do not yet know, The Holtur Enigma is a dark fantasy full of monsters, beasts, and horrors, and is a free serial with new chapters released each week.

The first chapter see’s the protagonist, Vivian Patressi, making his way to Holtur. It was a nice steady trip too, well until a stone wyvern showed up. Will he survive the journey? Find out today by clicking here. (You may need to be logged in to Wattpad to read the entire chapter)

As well as an all new adventure, the Scholars of the Bristrunstium will be working hard to bring more monster information to you. Seven chapters, starting with this one, will be accompanied with an updated Bristrunstium Monster Records. Grab the latest release here for free.

The next ten weeks are going to be exciting. Hope you are ready to experience Holtur while Vivian attempts to survive.

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