Necrosanguin is now Complete!

Necrosanguin is now Complete!

I am incredibly excited to announce the release of the third and final episode of Necrosanguin, Boulderclaws!

For fans of the series, I’d recommend you prepare yourselves as you are going to be blown away by the events that unfold in this finale! If you haven’t read any of the Necrosanguin series, now is the perfect time to grab the trilogy and binge the lot! With an epic adventure spanning across—and beneath—the ocean, filled with prehistoric-like creatures, pirates, and zombies, along with a loveable cast of heroes, you won’t be disappointed! Necrosanguin truly is a unique and amazing adventure!

There is no way to describe the month of June other than hectic; it really was full on! I spent a lot of time working on both The Holtur Curse draft and polishing the final touches to Boulderclaws. I’m really pleased with the way the Necrosanguin story has finished and everyone is loving it so far. I am keen to hear what you think about it too.

The Bristrunstium Monster Records is also supporting some new monster faces. Two new wyverns, shock and water, along with a large reptilian, and a nasty spider-type critter. Check it out!

I also have a new offer on the website, one that gives anyone the opportunity to grab some free books. If you’re interested in scoring some free reads, click here.

Happy suns,
Cameron Wayne Smith


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