Beware the Brothers of Eternity

Brothers of Eternity

Who are these brothers I warn you of? Well, let’s just say they have no issue striking fear into Holtur’s most renown monster slayers.
Rock golems and slater beasts are making sure The Holtur Curse is ready to ‘rock and roll‘ through its release on the 30th. Pre-order your copy so you can start reading it the moment it’s available! Be sure and email me your confirmation receipt so you get a copy of the short story “Sorrow’s Empowerment” and go into the art draw (valued at over 60USD). For more information, click here.


Vampires play a big role in The Holtur Curse. If you like your bloodsuckers romantic and sparkly, this story may give you nightmares. It wasn’t my intention, but one of the beta readers did find herself having freaky dreams due to some of the events of The Holtur Curse. If you’d like to get acquainted with one of the more humane vampires, A Justified Bite is still live on Wattpad.

You Voted!

Cheers for voting on the NaNoWriMo poll earlier this month. Glaring Chaos won the poll, a mere three votes ahead of The Earth Experiment! I’m really excited to write about this villainous protagonist in a high-fantasy realm. Many awesome ideas are swirling around my mind, just waiting for a chance to squirm into the story!

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