Short Stories

This year I’ve been writing short stories set in the town of Holtur. The first of which can be obtained in an anthology I co-authored, with 15 other fantasy writers, called Glimpses. The story is called Flight of Flame and takes place shortly after The Holtur Enigma. While staying in Aestridge, a resort town built into the side of a volcano, Sonja finds herself enrolling in a wyvern piloting course. If you remember chapter 10 of The Holtur Enigma, you’d have an idea of Sonja’s opinion on the creatures, and yes, the wyverns in question are indeed ‘reds’!  Pick up a free copy of Glimpses here and enjoy Flight of Fantasy + 15 extra fantastic short stories.

For the rest of the year, the latest Holtur short story will be available to read on Wattpad.

September: A Justified Bite

Mitzi Holtz (Daughter of the deceased Axel Holtz, a slayer from The Holtur Enigma) is pulled away from her brother through forced adoption. Just when she thinks everything is going well, she discovers a dark side to the man that adopted her. Shadows converge upon her, and all she can do is hide.

This short story delves further into the ‘leeches’ of Holtur. It also introduces Velatoria, a character who appears in The Holtur Curse.