The Holtur Curse


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Most creatures are predictable. Humanity is not.

Captain Sonja Bluwahlt is the kind of woman that monsters hide from. Slaughtering wyverns, beasts, and horrors is all simply part of a slayer’s job description. It’s not until the Brothers of Eternity show up that she discovers the true monsters walk among us.

The definition of righteousness and villainy bleed into each other as Sonja tries to understand the Brothers of Eternity. An old relic is all they desire, but it’s what—and who—they are willing to sacrifice in order to obtain it that terrifies her. The relic holds a dreadful secret, one that should never be uncovered by mortals.

Surviving becomes secondary to success, for if Sonja and her slayers fail to stop the Brothers of Eternity, a new breed of horror will be unleashed upon the world. A greedy, blood-sucking breed that knows no restraint.


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